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More Iceland. Take it All in. Timeless and Beautiful Always!



Hello Everyone!

Yohanna and Eypór are Great! I agree, it’s my favorites too, amongst other SUPER great Icelandic artists of course!

It’s been a while since I posted. I’m getting into it again. Had to build, tests, release and go LIVE with multiple projects over the last few months. Thank you all friends, colleagues, helpers, mentions for credits, everybody! I couldn’t have done it without your tireless help in making me work my hardest. A super start and now going building it up!!!


Lisaiceland.com | Lisaslocator.com | Fund2Launch.com


SHOP+ | SocialPush+ | Udemy | U+ | LisasGAMEAPPs.com | Apple (iOS, OSX, Podcasts, iBooks), Google Play | Amazon | WindowsPhone | Windows | Linux64 | Uniy3d 5 (Vuforia, Oculus)

Concentrating on creating, curating, publishing and bringing it all together under a single umbrella, my LK Brand (Lisa Kristinardottir – Lisaiceland).

All systems done and launched now allowing all the pieces to move smoothly in splendid unison from today. Yes!

I’m working on pin-pointing much more content for us in short order and ramping it up heavily over the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience and support!

Love You Guys xoxo!